Carl Robin Kylander 🍃

Product Designer (UI/UX)

Want to learn more about Carl Robin? Sure you do.

The journey begins by having a look at his Instagram.

He is currently employed at Burt (Big Data Visualization Platform) and can be heard through the grapevines discussing trends and patterns.

So far he have had the honor working with The New York Times, Condé Nast, Bonnier, Scania, Tork and Google. Some have said that he is working on side projects – but that is yet to be discovered.

By weekends you are likely to see him at a museum or a fashion store. Perhaps he has checked in via Facebook.

Else have a look in Majorna, he probably cooks and spends time with his Partner who also happens to be into art.

He has just started being active at Dribbble again and once in a while he codes and that happens over at Github.

Interacting with new faces is a must and responds to Mail.